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Priest Strangler Pasta

Priest Strangler Pasta

Introducing our Priest Strangler Pasta - the delectable, swirl-shaped pasta that comes with a spicy backstory!

Legend has it that this pasta got its name for one of two reasons - either because churches and priests used to enjoy this pasta at dinner, but some priests choked on it while eating too fast, or because married women in Italian towns cooked for priests to appear virtuous, but their jealous husbands nicknamed it "priest stranglers" as a joke!

Regardless of the origin, our Priest Strangler Pasta is an absolute must-try. The unique shape and thickness of the pasta make it perfect for catching all the flavors of a hearty meat sauce, making every bite an explosion of taste.

You can get your hands on a bag of this legendary pasta for just $10. It's perfect for those looking to add some intrigue and flavor to their mealtime. Whether you're a history buff or a foodie, our Priest Strangler Pasta is sure to satisfy!

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